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IT Help Sheet


For all account, network access or Hood computer lab-related problems, please contact Hood’s HelpDesk by one of these methods. Please make sure to provide your contact information (name, phone, e-mail, best time to reach you), your username and a description of the problem or question. You may email, call, submit a work order or visit the HelpDesk in person. 

• Hours: -- Mon. - Thur. 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. &  Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
• Telephone -- ext. 3622 (on campus) or 301.696.3622 (off campus)
• Email     --
• Location: -- Beneficial-Hodson Library and Information Technology Center
• Submit a work order: -- click HERE to submit an IT work order

• Computer / Network access

To log on to a Hood College computer, you must have a network account/username. If you do not have one or you have forgotten your password, please contact Hood’s HelpDesk at either, (301) 696-3622 or ext. 3622 on campus. You may also drop by the HelpDesk which is located on the 4th floor of Alumnae Hall, Room 401. When you log on to a Hood College computer, you will see a window with fields asking for your Username, Password and Domain. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. The domain should read PERGOLA. If not, click the arrow next to Domain and select PERGOLA. Then click OK and the computer will log you on. The logon process can take a while (sometimes up to 60 seconds) to complete. If the computer does not log you on, try using another computer.

IMPORTANT: Remember to log off before leaving a computer. If you don’t log off, anyone could have access to the computer and therefore be able to read, change your files and use your print quota.

Changing your password

Hood provides two methods for all Hood network users (Students, Faculty, Staff, Partners, etc) to unlock their own accounts or reset their own passwords without calling the helpdesk : 

Method #1: From a Lab or office computer (Windows Only) 

  1. After logging into your computer, hit CTRL+ATL+DEL 
  2. Click the "Change Password" option 
  3. Enter your existing password 
  4. Enter your new password 
  5. Confirm your new password 

Method #2: From the web (All Computers)

  • Hood provides self management of passwords (SMOP) through a web based application that allows you to reset your password in one of two methods. If you know your existing (or last known) password, you can use SMOP to simply change your Hood password. For instructions on how to change your password using this method, please click HERE
  • A second, and more robust, method is to enroll in Hood's SMOP. This method will allow you to change your Hood password even if you don't remember your last password. This is good for Students and/or Faculty who leave Hood for a period of time and then return. By establishing a few security questions and answers, you will be able to retrieve your Hood password. For instructions on how to enroll into Hood's SMOP, please click HERE

Document Storage

Students have 1Tb of storage space available online via Office 365. To access this storage, log into your Hood email, then click on the “blue” box in the upper left corner of your Office 365 Outlook web client, then click OneDrive icon from the list that appears. You can also access OneDrive from within your Microsoft applications. Instructions can be found on the Hood website. From the Hood website, select “Campus Services”, then select “Information Technology”, then select “Office 365” for further information.

In addition, you have 250MB of network storage on Hood’s student file server. This location is automatically mapped to drive Z: when you are using a Hood Lab computer.

Email Access Instructions

  1. Open the Hood College website ( and select Current Students off the top menu.
  2. Under the column titled ApLinks, select Office 365. You will be redirected to the Office 365 sign-in page.  
  3. Enter your Hood Student ID and Password 
    • <HOOD USERNAME> (i.e.
    • NOTE: If you have never logged into your Hood Office 365 mailbox, you must first change your password (See the instructions for changing your password under the previous heading).
  4. The first time you log in, you may be asked to set your time zone, language and vision requirements prior to being taken to your inbox. Answer the series of questions and your first login is complete.
    • IMPORTANT: All future correspondence from Hood College will be found in your Hood Office 365 inbox. 

E-mail Forwarding

You may choose to forward your Hood email to an alternate email address. Please review the two methods to redirect your Hood email below.  You must first log into your Hood Office 365 mailbox.

 Method #1: Forward All Mail:

  1. Click on the “gear” which is located in the upper right corner of your mailbox.
  2. Choose Options > Mail > Accounts > Forwarding
  3. Enter the alternate email address you wish to forward your Hood email. If you wish to keep a copy of your Hood correspondence within your Hood mailbox, check “Keep a copy of forwarded messages
  4. Click Start Forwarding to save your changes.

 Method #2: Redirect Specific Mail (inbox rules):

  1. Click on the “gear” which is located in the upper right corner of your mailbox.
  2. Choose Options > Mail > Accounts > Inbox Rules
  3. On the Inbox rules page, click the + (plus) sign to begin your rule creation
  4. Under New inbox rule, you may build a rule for filtering your Hood email or simply redirect all messages to your alternate email address. Guidance for building rules is provided within each rule sections by clicking on the “?”, which is located in the upper right corner of the rule building section in which you are working
  5. Click OK to save your selections and return to the new rule window
  6. Please refer to the Student E-Mail section of the Hood website for full instructions on how to create inbox rules. 


When you use a Hood lab computer, the printer in that lab will automatically become your default printer. Just by clicking the printer icon (in such applications as Microsoft Word) it will automatically send the print to the printer in that lab. If you want to use another printer (or if the lab printer does not show up for you automatically), right click on “My Network Places” and select Search for computers. Type “Neptune” in the computer field and click OK. Double click on the icon for Neptune. Now double-click the printer you wish to use. (You will be asked if you want to set up this network printer. Answer yes). Every full-time student is authorized to print up to 1000 black and white pages per semester on Hood printers without charge; part time students are authorized 500 black and white pages. If you exceed this quota, you can purchase additional paper from the Accounting office on the second floor of the AD building (Alumnae Hall). Once you have made the purchase, bring your receipt upstairs to End User Computing (EUC) on the fourth floor to add your purchase.

Hood College provides each student the ability to print at various locations throughout the campus. Printing is available through Hood's wired and wireless networks. Both black-and-white and color printing are available, either through single or dual sided documents. Every Hood student account has a dollar-based print quota for printing. A student must be currently enrolled in classes each semester (including summer sessions) in order to have printing capabilities.
NOTE: charge examples reflect black and white printing only, although color printing is available:

  • Full time students (minimum of 12 credits for undergraduate or 9 credits for graduate) are authorized to print up to $50.00 (1000 black and white pages) per semester on Hood printers without charge.
  • Part time students (less than 12 credits either undergraduate or 9 credit for graduate) are authorized to print up to $25.00 (500 black and white pages) per semester on Hood printers without charge.

NOTE: Printing double-sided is considered 2 pages

When you log on to a Hood computer lab, the printer in that lab will automatically become your default printer. Just click the print shortcut (in such applications as Microsoft Word) to automatically send the document to the printer in that lab.
If you exceed your print quota, you can purchase additional quota on Hood’s website (credit card) or from the Accounting office (cash) on the second floor of Alumnae Hall. Further instructions for adding print quota can be found HERE

 • Computer labs

Rosenstock: 019, 219; Apple: “24 Hour Lab”; Tatem: 107; Hodson: 113, 132, 136, 237, 315; Whitaker Commuter Center; and in the Library Reference area and Language Lab. All labs contain a standard suite of applications including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox browser, and McAfee Anti virus. There will be additional applications installed that are course or discipline-specific.


Blackboard is where faculty and students share course and research materials as an augmentation to the classroom. Students can access Blackboard from any computer with an Internet connection. To do so, from the Hood website ( go to the Current Students tab in dropdown menu at the top of the screen. Select the Blackboard link under the ApLinks section. On the next page, enter your username and password. Your username is the same as your Hood network account/username. If you are a first time user of the Blackboard System, you will use the password assigned to you upon registration. 

Student Account Info for Blackboard

If your instructor has indicated that information has been added to the Blackboard system for your course, please follow these steps for logging in and navigating the system.

  1. Go to the Blackboard Website ( ). This site can be accessed on or off-campus, 24 hours a day. Click on the Login button. 
  2. Enter your username, which is your Hood assigned Pergola account name. Example: abc01 
  3. Enter your default password which is assigned to you upon your first registration. 
  4. Click on Login. 
  5. If you have logged on correctly, you are now at the My Institution page. There are many information tools as well as system tools that you can access from this central page. Any courses for which you are registered, where your instructor has chosen to use Blackboard, can be found on the right hand side of the page with a link in the My Courses box. Click on that link to enter your Blackboard class. 
  6. Once you have linked to your course site, you can begin to explore the information posted by your instructor. Depending on the extent of your instructor’s use of this supplemental learning tool, you may find no content or a wide range of content containing the Syllabus, Course Documents, Surveys, Discussion Boards, Assignments, Grades and Internet Links to related course topics. Students have view-only rights to content on this course site and cannot change or add any new information. 
  7. Once you have completed your visit to the site, log out by selecting the Logout button at the top of the screen. This will terminate your active session; to re-enter your course site you will have to log on again. 



This application allows students to access personal information such as grades, unofficial transcripts, account balances, and provides online registration. It also lists all the courses available at Hood. To obtain access, read Using Self-Service for details.

Revised 8/15