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Instructional Technology

Hood College offers a wide variety of Instructional Technology tools to its faculty, students and staff to improve classroom instruction and the learning experience using today's latest innovations in education.  These tools range from the delivery of equipment to the engineering of audio/video for special events and may be requested, scheduled and delivered throughout the academic and seasonal periods at the college. 

Hood supports these technologies with an optical-fiber computer network backbone that stretches to each dormitory and all academic and administration buildings allowing for network file sharing and internet connectivity. Many classrooms are outfitted with Instructional Technology tools that allow for an enhanced learning experience.

In an effort to strengthen the use and understanding of these technologies, we have created this page to better inform the Hood College community of available technology, technology classroom locations, request for equipment, equipment repair notification, learning resources and information on the College's newest Instructional Technology tool, Blackboard. Blackboard is a Web-based Internet/Intranet software platform that allows for the easy creation and development of Web-based course information by Hood's faculty. This will allow for wider distribution of information and empower our faculty, staff and students in their ongoing educational goals.


When requesting classroom services, it is vital that as much detail as possible be conveyed through the Request for Equipment or Services form, so that the correct devices and needs are applied to each event. This is also relevant when submitting requests for services such as audio/video duplication, where detailed directions are a must.

When planning for a number of classes or a single event, be sure to take into consideration the correct classroom or venue. If you are unsure of the particulars of a setup or service request, please contact the Instructional Technology Office for consultation. 

All requests must be submitted one week prior to the time and date of the event to ensure equipment availability, scheduling of requested equipment and the proper delivery and services can be applied to each request. Any request submitted less than one week before the event will be evaluated by the Instructional Technologist for availability and most likely will not be granted due to scheduling concerns. Submitted requests will be scheduled within 48 hours of receipt by the Instructional Technologist and an email notification will be sent confirming your request.

We invite you to browse this site and learn more about the services and technologies currently being offered at Hood.

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