|  Connect an iOS Device to Hood's Unsecured Wireless Network
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Connect an iOS Device to Hood's Unsecured Wireless Network

unsecure@hood is an open access network designated for wireless clients that are not compatible with WPA2 authentication, including most gaming consoles and mobile devices. Default authentication is via a web page requiring your Pergola User Name and Password. Users will need to re-authenticate if roaming between campus buildings or if there are periods of time that the client is disconnected from the network. 

1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi

In this screen you will find all of the available networks to your iOS device at your location.  The networks with a "lock" signify a secure network which requires a user ID and password. The network without a "lock" is the unsecured network.

Double-click on "unsecure@hood".  This will start a process to connect your iOS device to Hood's unsecured wireless network.  You will need to login to this network.
  choose unsecured network

2. Logging into the Unsecured Network

Once you choose "unsecure@hood", a web login page will automatically appear.  You will need to provide your Hood ID and password.  For your ID, you may use either pergola\<username>, hood\<username> or your full Hood email address <>.  Press "Log In"

unsecured login and disclaimer

3. Successful Login

You will receive a blank login screen stating only "Success"  and the word "Done" in the upper right corner.  If you receive any other information, you have failed to login.  Return to Step #1.
unsecured successful login

4. Completed Login

Once you have logged on successfully, you will see a green check beside "unsecure@hood".

NOTE: Logon settings for "unsecure@hood." are not saved.  This connection will be lost each time your iOS device shuts down or the session times out.

unsecured network connected