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How To:

•  Install Skype FB on a PC or Mac
•  Understanding Skype Statuses 
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•  How to Share Your Screen in Skype FB

Skype for Business is the professional version of the ever-popular consumer video chat product. Skype for Business takes that familiar platform and provides business-class video conferencing and instant messaging.

Meet from Anywhere Online

Skype for Business is always available wherever you are and with whatever device you choose to use. Whether you are in the office or out and about, instant messages and video calls are an easy and fast way to communicate. Skype for Business makes those interactions more flexible than ever before and allows professional communication to occur effortlessly.

Click, Connect, and Communicate

Skype for Business allows for multiple communication platforms. Send a simple instant message, start a video call, or schedule a formal video conference with up to 250 people. Skype for Business lets you communicate how, and with who, you want.

Accessible from Multiple Devices

Skype for Business is accessible from a variety of devices, so you can choose the best route for your communication. You can use it right from Outlook on the Web, and even download mobile apps for iOS and Android to video chat and instant message on-the-go.

For the best experience, we suggest you use the Skype for Business app on your PC. The Skype for Business app is already installed on most university-owned computers, you just need to open it and log-in. If you’re using a university-owned machine and don’t see Skype for Business installed on your computer, contact your local IT support. If you’d like to get Skype for Business on your personal machine, you can do that as part of the ProPlus program.

Powerful Online Meetings

You can use Skype for Business to get you, and up to 250 other people, around the same virtual table. From there, you can show everyone your desktop, give a PowerPoint presentation, and take notes that everyone can view. It’s an advanced platform that makes virtual meetings engaging yet easy-to-use.