|  Understanding Skype Statuses
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Understanding Skype Statuses

Setting and Viewing Status

You can set your Skype for Business Status which will be displayed to anyone attempting to reach you. In the desktop client, there are several types of statuses that can be set.
Changing Your Status

Inside the Skype for Business client, click on the menu next to your name, and you will be able to change your status from the list that appears.

Skype Statuses

Viewing Other People's Status

Another person's status - sometimes referred to as their presence - is indicated in several places throughout the Office 365 suite. Presence is usually signified by a small colored circle in the avatar of the contact. The representations of the colors are as follows:

  • Green indicates the user is available for chat.
  • Yellow indicates the user is idle and/or away from their computer.
  • Red indicates the user is unavailable.
  • White indicates the user is signed out of chat.