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Printing Instructions

• Connecting to Printers on Campus

• Printing at Hood

• PaperCut Client Tool

• Print Queue Locations



There are 3 general types of printing available for students at Hood.  Each method has its own subtleties and requirements:

Printing from labs
  • Printing to the college's labs is only available to current Hood students, faculty, and staff.  In order to print from a lab computer, you need only to log into the lab computer with your Hood ID and Password.  The lab's printer will automatically be installed for your login session.
Printing from the wireless network
  • Printing from Hood's wireless network assumes that you are printing from your personal computer.  If you are printing from a Macintosh or an iOS device, you are required to install the PaperCut Client Tool or App (see below).  If you are a Windows user, installing this tool is optional.  Droid and Linux users are not currently supported.  Please check the Printing Instructions below for assistance with wireless printing here at Hood.
Personal printing in a dorm or apartment
  • Please review the document Personal Printers for Hood College Residents.
  • Printing from a Hood dorm can involve either wired or wireless printing.  If your residence offers a computer room with a printer, please refer to the wireless instructions below.  Printing to a personal printer does not involve the Hood print accounting system.  Policy and Instructions are currently being establish during the Fall 2012 semester.  If you need assistance in setting up a printer in your dorm/apt., please contact the EUC Helpdesk at or 301-696-3622.
  • Printing at an off-campus personal or Hood provided apartment does not involve the Hood network.  As a result, Hood does not provide instructions or policy for printing in this type of location.

If you are having a problem printing, please contact the EUC Help desk either by email ( or by phone at 301-696-3622.  The Student Print Queues chart lists all available lab printers by their queue name, location and associated printer.   Use this information with the Printing Instructions located at the bottom of this page.