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Getting Started with PhoneMail

pdf icon  Getting Started With Phonemail

Special Phonemail Information 

• Phonemail Direct Access Number (on campus):   3444     • Forward/Transfer Number:   5444
• Phonemail Direct Access Number (off campus): 301-696-3444 • Maximum Number of Messages: 15
• Default Password: 111 • Guest Access Number: 3446


How To Personalize Your Phonemail

  1. Dial the direct access number 3444
  2. When Phonemail answers, follow the prompts to either:
         • From your extension - press # (pound)
         • From another phone - dial your extension number followed by # (pound)  
  3. At the prompt, dial the default password 111 and press the # (pound) key
  4. The system will then prompt: "You have logged onto the Phonemail system using a password that is not secure.  You are required to change your password now.  Dial your new password and press # (pound)."
  5. After you have changed to a secure password, you will be prompted to press 8, then 4 to record your name.  Listen to the prompts that instruct you to press 1 to record.  Say your first and last name at the tone and when finished, press* (star), then # (pound).
  6. To record your personal greeting, press 8 (for answering options) and then 1 (for personal greeting).  Listen to the prompts which will tell you how to record the two different greetings that will answer your telephone.


How To Transfer a Caller Directly To A Coworker's Mailbox

•   Press transfer (XFER), dial 5444
•   Listen to the prompts which will tell you to dial the extension number to the person you wish to leave a message for
•   Press # (pound) twice and hang up.


How To Forward Your Phone to Phonemail 

  1. Get a dial tone and dial #91
  2. Dial 5444 (the Phonemail forward extention)
  3. Hang up
  4. NOTE: To cancel forwarding, get a dial tone and dial ##91