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Hood iPad FAQs

Will the iPad replace a laptop or desktop computer?

The iPad is an additional teaching tool that will enhance students’ options and opportunities. The iPad will not replace students’ desktops or laptop computers, but should augment them.

Who decides whether iPads will be used in classrooms?

Each faculty member will provide guidance on the use of the iPad in the classroom as well as expectations on the use of the iPad to accomplish class assignments.

What apps will be loaded on my iPad?

Hood College will not load any additional apps onto the iPads that will be distributed to the class of 2019. The iPad will include only the apps supplied in the standard Apple iPad configuration. Students may be asked to download free apps onto the iPad and, just as professors require students to purchase textbooks and other class materials, professors may ask students to purchase and download apps onto their iPads.

Who gets and who owns the iPad?

Full-time, first-year students will be given an iPad on the condition that if the first-year student leaves Hood College before completing two semesters as a full-time student, he or she will return the iPad to the College. Full-time is defined as a course load of 6.5 credit hours or more per semester. Students will own and be responsible for the iPad immediately upon receipt.

What is the iPad configuration and value?

Hood College is distributing iPad devices (WiFi only), including a charger, minimally valued at approximately $400. Students who receive the iPad are responsible for purchasing any additional accessories they choose.

Can the Hood College IT department repair iPads?

No. For iPad repair, contact the nearest Apple store, a local retailer that sells iPads or Apple online support.

What are Hood College’s basic expectations of student usage of iPads?

Hood College students who receive an iPad are expected to:

  • Keep the iPad while enrolled at Hood College;
  • Make sure the iPad is kept in good working order;
  • Have the iPad available for use when required by a faculty member;
  • Download any free apps that Hood has created; and
  • Purchase apps required by faculty for teaching purposes.

These and other specifics are covered in the Hood College student receipt and usage document.