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Graduate School Course Withdrawal

Notification of withdrawal must be in writing, and becomes effective only at the time it is received in the Graduate School office. Telephone calls will not be accepted and failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. Students will receive a confirmation of their withdrawals by using the official form found on the Graduate School Web site. If mailing or faxing a withdrawal, it is the student’s responsibility to call to ensure receipt.  

Refunds will be given on the basis of the date and time notification is received in the Graduate School office. Please refer to the refund schedule, which can be found in the Academic Calendar located in the current Hood College Catalog, in the Graduate School’s Schedule of Classes, and on the Registrar’s Web site. Tuition, not fees, is refundable in accordance with the academic calendar. When a student withdraws prior to the first class meeting, tuition is refunded in full. A graduate student may withdraw from a course up to the last three weeks of classes.

Contact Information

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Withdrawal Information

  • For the
  • Please withdraw me from the following couse(s):
    Department Course Number
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  • I understand that I am financially responsible for and agree to pay all charges incurred by me at Hood College, and that if I withdraw I must do so in writing to the Graduate School. In the event that my account becomes delinquent, I understand that I will be liable for collection costs.