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Kevin Crowe

Kevin Crowe

Adjunct Instructor


Kevin Crowe works in the Blue Ridge foothills, where he lives with his wife Linda. His sons Bram and Kai live nearby in Nelson County and Charlottesville. Kevin produces wood-fired functional stoneware with strong Asian and English roots. His work ranges from 4” teabowls to 48” vases. Kevin's pots are fired in a 450 cubic foot, 3- chamber combination anagama and noborigama kiln. Firings last 7 days, consuming 8 cords of wood and firing 1500 and 2000 pots. The kiln is fired twice a year when the moon is right and it's not soccer season.

Artist Statement

“Getting it right and passing it on... is at the heart of why I make pots. Teaching allows me to contribute to thecommunity that has given me so much. As participants share hunches, challenges, techniques and questions, we define not only how to make, but why we make and why what we do matters.Workshops are conversations. I teach both demonstration and hands-on workshops that focus on the design, construction and firing of wood kilns, throwing large scale work, tea-ware and bottles.”

Art Work