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Philip Berneburg

Philip Berneburg

Adjunct Instructor


Phil Berneburg is a studio potter with over twenty years of experience, a geologist, ceramics engineer, and adjunct professor of ceramics in the graduate program at Hood College (Frederick, Maryland). He teaches intensive classes on technical aspects of the ceramic arts such as clay properties, glaze chemistry, and kiln technology. His background has included just about every aspect of ceramic processing including raw materials handling, ceramic body preparation, shaping and forming techniques, firing procedures, equipment maintenance, and studio and laboratory design and safety. He operated Apron Full of Gold Pottery School in Winthrop, Maine from 1996 to 1999, and was an instructor at Glen Echo Pottery (Glen Echo, MD) for 10 years. He served as technical editor for Ceramics Monthly magazine in 2004. He creates sculptural ceramics, both functional and nonfunctional, but is dedicated to teaching the technical aspects of ceramics and its importance and relationship to the ceramic arts.

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