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Program Requirements

Students can complete the Computer Science program coursework in approximately two to three years depending on the pace of coursework that they choose. By following these two steps, students can plan on completing the program requirements at a pace that meets their professional needs.

Step One

Look up the Computer Science program requirements, course descriptions and Graduate School policies and procedures in the catalog.

Step Two

Students should consult their adviser and the course schedule each semester to determine how they will fulfill the program requirements; the program director contact information is located at the bottom of the Computer Science program homepage and students' academic advisers are indicated on their letters of admission. These faculty members can assist in planning a program of study that is based on a student's professional and career goals. All students must consult with their adviser before signing up for any final research project.

At the Graduate School at Hood College, students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty who can assist in the pursuit of academic and professional goals. Students are encouraged to get to know their faculty advisers and course professors to make the most of their graduate school experience.