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Program Overview

Using sound, practical instruction, extensive self-assessment and real-world leadership experiences, the Educational Leadership program provides students with a comprehensive foundation in the principles and practices of school administration and supervision. The curriculum applies principles and theory directly to today's K-12 school settings. The program is open to certified teachers who will have three or more years of teaching experience by the time of program completion. In addition to the traditional on-campus program, Hood offers off-campus cohort programs in partnership with Washington County Public Schools and Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and Berkeley Public Schools in West Virginia.

Phase I: Professional core courses (12 credits)
EDUC 502 Technology in Educational Leadership - Must be taken as first course in the program.
EDUC 577 Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 581 Research-based Teaching, Learning, Assessment
EDUC 582 Educational Philosophy in a Diverse Society

Phase II: Educational Leadership coursework (18 credits)
EDUC 513 School Law*
EDUC 514 Administration of Pupil Services
EDUC 578 Educational Leadership and Group Dynamics
EDUC 583 Principles of Curriculum Development and Appraisal*
EDUC 584 Systematic Change Process for School Improvement*
EDUC 586 Principles of Educational Supervision*

Phase III: Educational Leadership internship (6 credits)
EDUC 589 School Business and Personnel Administration*
EDUC 587/8 Elementary/Secondary School Administrative Internship*

Entrance requirements

Complete and submit the graduate school application available at

Students should request one copy of an official transcript reflecting their highest degree conferred. Transcripts should be sent directly from each institution to the Graduate School.

Students should request a letter of recommendation from their current supervisor. The letter can be submitted via mail, email or fax.

Grade point average (GPA)
A minimum 2.75 undergraduate GPA is required for admission to the Graduate School and to the Educational Leadership program.

Applicants to either track of the Educational Leadership program must complete an interview with the program director or the director’s designee. At this interview, applicants will review all program requirements and receive answers to their questions about program participation.

During the interview process, applicants will be asked to write an essay using a prompt of a leadership nature.

For more information about the Educational Leadership program, please refer to the college catalog online at

Daniel Shea
Program Director

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