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Program Overview

The Master of Science in Information Technology is a 30-credit degree program especially created for individuals who will be integrating information technology in a variety of applied work environments, such as business, government, education and medicine. The program is designed to accommodate both information technology professionals interested in increasing their technical competencies and students interested in changing their career to enter the field of information technology. This program is one of several graduate-level offerings sponsored by the Department of Computer Science, which also offers a Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Information Technology and a certificate in Cybersecurity.

Entrance Requirements

Complete and submit the graduate school application available at

Grade Point Average
A minimum 2.75 undergraduate GPA is required for admission to the graduate school and to the Master of Science in Information Technology program.

Submit one copy of official transcripts from each institution of higher education attended, an essay of background experience and future goals and a résumé of work experience. All documents should be sent directly to the graduate school.

Students with a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences can enter the program. Students without a strong foundation in information technology can enroll in foundation courses that provide essential background knowledge and skills. The two foundation courses cover hardware and software systems and elements of computer programming.

Students with appropriate academic or professional backgrounds may, upon review by the department, be exempted from one or both of the foundation courses. The program director determines the required foundation courses or exemptions based on a thorough evaluation of transcripts and other supporting documents. The objective is to ensure the student is well prepared and ready to succeed in the program.

About The Program

Degree Requirements
The Master of Science in Information Technology program requires the completion of 30 credits beyond the prerequisite foundation courses, including 18 credits of core requirements and 12 elective credits.

The 18 credits of core courses in the program represent the general body of knowledge and skills that all students in the program are expected to master.

Students enrolled in this program will explore current issues and trends that challenge IT professionals. Students will also study the procedures, tools and standards used in systems engineering and integration, object-oriented design and methodology, the design and implementation of databases, telecommunications and computer networks and computer systems security in an operational environment.

The 12 credits of elective work may be selected from both the regular and special topics offerings in information technology and computer science. As part of the required elective work, a student may, with permission of the department, choose to do a 6-credit thesis, or a 3- or 6-credit fieldwork project.

With careful selection of electives, students in the information technology program may concurrently complete, or make significant progress toward, the Certificate in Information Security.

Faculty advisers are available to work closely with each student in selecting the elective courses and options that best suit the student’s goals.

Detailed program requirements, including the specific course requirements and course descriptions, are listed in the Hood College Catalog and in the program description at


The courses in the Master of Science in Information Technology program are taught by faculty of the of computer science department at Hood College, as well as by part-time and adjunct instructors who are management and information technology professionals in government and private industry. See the faculty page for this program for more information.