|  HON 202 Recent Practicum Sites and Research Paper Titles
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HON 202 Recent Practicum Sites and Research Paper Titles

Delaplaine Visual Arts Center
The Costs and Revenue of the National Galley
Allison Adams

Frederick High School
Socioeconomics and High School Athletics
Samantha Bailey

Frederick County Animal Control
How the Animal Control Process Affects Dog Behavior
Kyle Bulgarelli

Boys & Girls Club of Frederick
The Search for Compassion in a Cruel World: Altruism and Obligation
Kayla Canfield

Frederick High School
Benefits of Youth Sports
Luke Casey

League of Women Voters
A Critical History of Felon Disenfranchisement
Hannah Christen

Frederick High School
The Evolution of Women's Track and Field: The Road to Equality
Andrea Christmas

Frederick Rescue Mission
Biofuel and World Hunger
Alyssa Denikos

Mental Health Association
Examining the Links Between Facebook Use and Depression
Justine Del Nunzio

North Frederick Elementary School
Education for English Language Learners
Brianna Fragata

David Trone Congressional Campaign
Cognitive Dissonance: Why Change-Minded Youth Don't Vote
Tyler Graham

Frederick County Animal Control
Creatures and Comfort: Is Animal-Assisted Therapy Beneficial
JJ Hase

Frederick Center Youth Group
Homosexuality as Mental Illness
Kate Hawdon

Heartly House
Homosexuality as Mental Illness
Julia Heffner

Frederick Rescue Mission
Funding of Nonprofit Organizations and its Implications
Joe Hutchins

Frederick Rescue Mission
Future Investment
Gray Kline

Frederick High School
The Impact of Sports on Student-Athletes and a Look at Local Legacy
Jackie Mangogna

Frederick County Animal Control
How to Fix Animal Overpopulation by Fixing the Animal Population
James McNeill

Frederick Memorial Hospital
The Pros and Cons of Volunteerism in the Health Care Professions
Sarah Meyer
Civil War Medicine Museum
Women of War
Beth Montague

Frederick Center Youth Group
Youth in Crisis: Recognizing Homelessness in the LGBTQ Community
Taylor Polito

Frederick County Animal Control
What Affects Animal Shelters?
Gianfranco Portuondo

Centennial Church
Shadow Justice: The Immense Risk of Plea Bargaining
Centennial Church
Menstruating Uncovered: The Undercover Struggle for Homeless Females
Nailah Russell
Girl Scouts
The Girl Scout Organization: The Role of Youth Programs in the Development of Girls
Michelle Shedd                 

Frederick High School
Running Head: The Effects of Sports Concussions on the Lives of Student Athletes
Alex Sexton

Frederick Center Youth Group
On the Necessity of Youth Groups for LGBTQ+ Teens
Grace Silva

Oakdale Middle School
The Evolution of Food in an Educational Environment
Miranda Sly

UNESCO Center for Peace
When Women Gather: An Investigation into the Economic and Political Stability Women Can Provide in the Pursuit of Peace to Post-Civil Conflict Nations
Sophie Smith

Animal Welfare League, Frederick City
How Meat Intake Reduction Can Help Limit Our Ecological Footprint
Rachel Taylor

Catoctin Nature Center
Pollutooting: Wastewater's Negative Effects on the Environment
Tim Taylor

United Way/Housing Authority
The Impact of the VITA Service and Tax Returns to Low-Income Families
RJ Tucker

Historical Society of Frederick County
Community Collections and Relations: The Challenges of a City Historical Society
Caitlyn-Jean Ward

Frederick Presbyterian Youth Group
The Rise of Consumerism and the Decline of Christianity
Jack Williams

Daybreak Adult Day Services
Filial Piety and Modern Ageism
Sarah Wirick

Frederick County Public Library
Homelessness and Libraries: Providing Resources and Understanding
Natalie Yeagley