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Our outstanding academic programs are built on a well-thought-out and exemplary foundation. This foundation is called our core curriculum. Entering students engage in foundational classes in English composition, quantitative exploration, language acquisition and an exposure to ways of knowing grounded in the humanities, social sciences, and scientific communities.

Ways of Knowing    Across
The Disciplines

Katherine Conway-Turner, Ph.D.

(301) 696-3623

Alumnae Hall, Room 204

Provost Office

Academic Offerings»

Hood offers 30 undergraduate majors, 27 concentrations within the majors and 44 minors, as well as 14 master's degree and six post-baccalaureate certificate programs.

First-Year Seminars»

Hood College takes reading and writing seriously, and your professors want you to be able to communicate well on a college level. Our program offers first-year students an opportunity to sharpen their presentation and writing skills while exploring fascinating interdisciplinary subjects within small classroom settings.

First-Year Read »

The First-Year Read program creates a sense of community among students by offering a variety of shared intellectual and social experiences. During Summer Orientation, you will download an electronic version of the selected book onto your iPad. During Fall Orientation you will meet in small groups with volunteers from the Hood community to discuss the book’s themes and the issues it raises.

Study Abroad»

At Hood, we understand the importance of preparing students to think critically and to situate their understanding of the world within a global context. Study abroad allows students in every discipline the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world and enhance classroom learning with firsthand international experiences. How will you "think globally?"

Honors »

The Honors Program at Hood is highly selective, admitting a limited number of outstanding students each year. Successful applicants are awarded Hood’s top merit scholarship, renewable annually. The strongest candidates may combine the Honors award with others to receive a full tuition scholarship.

Living Learning Communities »

How will you learn in college? Do you expect all your “eureka!” moments to be confined to the classroom? How much more interesting would it be to study the Civil War by visiting an archaeological dig at Monocacy Battlefield National Park?