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Other Policies

iPad Lending Policies and Documents

A limited number of iPads are available to students and faculty and can be checked out at the Library Circulation Desk with the following restrictions and conditions:

  • Loan Period for the devices is one week  
  • iPads may not be placed on hold or renewed
  • All borrowers are required to read and sign the Electronic Device Borrowing Agreement each time they check out an iPad
  • Any apps, data, or documents saved to the iPad during the loan period will be permanently erased from the device after it is returned to the circulation desk

Contact the Circulation Desk if you have any questions, or download and print the iPad FAQs.


The American Library Association considers that sections of the USA PATRIOT Act are a present danger to the constitutional rights and privacy rights of library users. Libraries do cooperate with law enforcement when presented with a lawful court order to obtain specific information about specific patrons. The library profession is concerned with provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act that go beyond the traditional methods of seeking information from libraries.

The American Library Association joined with the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of American Law Libraries in issuing a statement on the proposed anti-terroism measures. It says that libraries do not monitor information sought or read by library users. To the extent that libraries "capture" usage information of computer logs, libraries comply with court orders for law enforcement.

The statement is also concerned that the legislation, which makes it easier to access business records, may in some cases apply to library circulation records. It recommends that legislators keep high standards for court orders regarding release of library records.

[Quoted from American Library Association website]

Beneficial-Hodson Library Policy on Requests for Library Records, Materials or Equipment

As an institutional member of the American Library Association, the Beneficial-Hodson library endorses the ALA statements regarding cooperation with law enforcement authorities when requests for library records, materials or equipment are accompanied by a court order or warrant.

It should be noted that the Beneficial-Hodson library maintains records that connect individual library user information to specific library materials only for as long as the materials are in circulation.