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Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory (SHKML)

The Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory, located in the Gulf of Mexico, is affiliated with the University of Florida. The field station’s main field of focus is marine, estuarine and coastal biotic resources. The facility is committed to providing support for research by students, faculty and visiting scientists. It provides an outstanding teaching program in coastal and marine-related subjects.
In addition to the unique and diverse ecosystems on Seahorse Key, we will visit the nearby marshes, oyster bars and mangroves of Clark Island. A 20-minute boat ride will take us to the Department of Natural Resources Marine Facility at Cedar Key. This facility is located on Florida state land adjacent to a salt marsh and contains fully equipped wet and dry labs for field studies and research.
Because Seahorse Key is part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge and is near to diverse and extensive coastal biotic resources, programs associated with the field station are viewed broadly in contexts of coastal and estuarine ecology, wetlands research, wildlife management and conservation in addition to the marine sciences. This site provides us with an excellent opportunity to investigate adjacent aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and the natural linkages that connect them.
The isolated, pristine environment afforded by Seahorse Key and its neighboring islands make it a prime location for enhancing our Florida experience. We will have ample time to explore and investigate the wealth of biodiversity associated with the myriad habitats in and around SHKML.