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Gerace Research Center, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

It was probably San Salvador upon which Columbus and his crew first set foot in the New World. As described by Columbus in his log, the local Indians, called Lucayans, named the island Guanahani. San Salvador Island is one of the outermost of a chain of some 700 islands sprinkled throughout more than 5,000 square miles of the most beautiful waters of the world. Although San Salvador is similar to the other islands of this archipelago, it is unique for its history, ecology, inland lakes, and potential for future development. The island has 94.9 square km of surface area, most of which consists of dune ridges, with adjacent troughs forming brackish (hypersaline) lakes that constitute nearly a third of the total area. A series of fringing reefs surrounds the island.
The Gerace Research Center (GRC, formerly the Bahamian Field Station) is located on the shore of Graham's Harbour on the north coast of San Salvador Island, Bahamas. The center has been in operation since 1971 and offers facilities for students, professors, and researchers from around the world to study in a tropical environment.

The GRC has 15 buildings on 8 acres of land that provide: dormitory housing for undergraduate students; a full service cafeteria serving three meals daily (including vegetarian dishes); laboratory and air conditioned classrooms; a library with air conditioning, computers and internet access; a specimen repository and wet lab with sea water aquaria. The center also provides vehicles and fully captained power boats for transporting students to selected reefs and island locations. Click here for more information about the Gerace Research Center.