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Professors:  Linda J. Scott

Associate Professors: Robert W. Boyle Jr. (chair), Ingrid Farreras, Terry Martin, Wanda Ruffin

Assistant Professor: Shannon Kundey Senior Lecturer: Daniel Robinson

Lecturers: Thomas Craney, Robert Kearney

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Psychology offers the major in psychology.

At the graduate level, the department offers the M.S. degree in Thanatology for students with a variety of backgrounds interested in research, administration or service with those facing death and dying. Psychology is also offered as one of the possible concentrations in the Master of Arts in the Human Sciences degree. The purpose of the concentration in psychology is to broaden the student’s perspective and increase understanding of the principles of human behavior as they apply to the student’s current job role or career. The concentration is tailored to the individual student’s needs and may focus on such areas as developmental psychology, the helping relationship or gerontology.

Psychology faculty are distinguished scholars and include specialists in gerontology, behavioral medicine and thanatology. Complemented by experienced adjunct professors and Hood faculty from other disciplines, the department provides an integrated teaching approach.

Programs offered:

  • Human Sciences (M.A.)
  • Thanatology (M.A.)
  • Psychology Major (B.A.)