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Certificate in Ceramic Arts

The Hood College Graduate Certificate in the Ceramic Arts is a post-baccalaureate program providing an advanced studio experience to assist students in achieving a professional level of proficiency in the ceramic arts. With attention to the application of universal design principles and the unique requirements for teaching the ceramic arts at a variety of institutional levels, the program has been designed to assist students in the development of technical proficiency, refinement of personal aesthetic expression and production of a comprehensive body of work. Although not a teaching certificate, the course work in ceramics will provide an intensive experience in a planned and structured curriculum based on aesthetics, technical and experiential learning and skill development. Through study, studio production and objective-subjective analysis of creative work, the program will prepare the student for the challenges, demands and opportunities of careers in ceramic arts and related art fields.

Students will gain knowledge and skills in the following: 

  • Forms and aesthetics in ceramic arts media
  • Understanding of movements and concepts in art
  • An ability to analyze formal issues and apply accurate terminology to that analysis
  • Abilities to communicate aesthetic intentions verbally and in written form
  • Skills necessary to organize an exhibition of personal works of art to meet M.F.A. application criteria

The certificate includes 14 credits of required coursework and a minimum of 4 credits of electives for a total of at least 18 credits. 

Required (14 credits) 

  • ARTS 501 Glaze Application (1 credit)
  • ARTS 502 East Asian Wedged Coil Technique (1 credit)
  • ARTS 505 Ceramic Wheel: Masters Throwing Concepts (2 credits)
  • ARTS 508 Ceramic Sculpture (3 credits)
  • ARTS 511 Properties of Clay (1 credit)
  • ARTS 521 Properties of Glaze (2 credits)
  • ARTS 570 Graduate Seminar in Personal Studio Research (4 credits)

Electives (minimum 4 credits) 

  • ARTS 500 Ceramics: Sculpture/Handbuilding (3 credits)
  • ARTS 503 Ceramic Wheel: Intensive Throwing (3 credits)
  • ARTS 504 Ceramic Decoration (3 credits)
  • ARTS 506 Ceramic Wheel: Masters’ Throwing II (2 credits)
  • ARTS 507 Plates and Platters (1 credit)
  • ARTS 509 Throwing Large Forms (3 credits)
  • ARTS 510 Brushmaking (1 credit)
  • ARTS 512 Eastern and Western Techniques in Trimming (1 credit)
  • ARTS 515 Ceramic Arts Throwing Lab (1 credit)
  • ARTS 517 Dynamic and Asymmetrical Wheel (3 credits)
  • ARTS 520 Photographing Ceramics (1 credit)
  • ARTS 525 Electric Kiln (1 credit)
  • ARTS 530 Kiln Technology and Firing Theory (2 credits)
  • ARTS 531 Wood Firing Theory (2 credits)
  • ARTS 532 Multi-Chambered Kiln Wood Firing (2 credits)
  • ARTS 540 Clay and Glaze Chemistry, Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  • ARTS 542 Modeling the Figure (3 credits)
  • ARTS 543 History of Ceramics (3 credits)
  • ARTS 545 Large Scale and Composite Sculpture (3 credits)
  • ARTS 547 Creating with Porcelain (3 credits)
  • ARTS 552 Kiln Design and Construction (3 credits)
  • ARTS 564 Aesthetics and Criticism (3 credits)
  • ARTS 571 Arts Management and Marketing (3 credits)
  • ARTS 575 Independent Study (1-6 credits)
  • ARTS 599 Special Topics Graduate Courses (1-3 credits)

The 18 credits required to earn the Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Arts can be completed in one year, but up to seven years are allowed to finish the program.