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Art and Archaeology Major with Archaeology Concentration, B.A.

The art and archaeology major with a concentration in archaeology introduces students to the art, artifacts and cultures of the ancient world, as well as the field methods of archaeologists today. Hood students regularly participate in excavations in the U.S. and around the world, most recently at sites in Italy, Turkey, Belize and Bermuda. U.S. sites include battlefields and historical sites in Maryland and Virginia. We also encourage students to seek internship opportunities locally and worldwide, as hands-on experience is vital to future studies and employment in archaeology.

Required courses:
  • ART 220 History of Art I
  • ART 230 Introduction to Archaeology
  • ART 370 Fieldwork in Archaeology or ART 399 Internship in Art and Archaeology
  • ART 470 Seminar: Topics in Art History
  • INST 312 Archaeology: Cultures, Technologies, Methods and Theories
Two of the following:
  • ARRL 330 Archaeology of Ancient Israel
  • ART 332 Aegean Archaeology
  • ART 340 Art of Prehistory
  • ART 349 Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • ART 350 Classical Art and Archaeology
  • ART 363 Roman Art and Culture

Three of the following; at least one must be outside the Art and Archaeology Department: 

  • ART 201 Meaning and Method in Art
  • ARLS 354 Mesoamerican Art
  • ART 355 Asian Art
  • ART 362 Rome and Hollywood
  • ARTS 203 Ceramics
  • ARTS 211 Digital Photography
  • ANTH 201 Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH 302 Cultural Anthropology
  • CL 202 Mythology
  • CL 302 Classical Mythology
  • HIST 200 The Ancient World
  • HIST 204 Ancient Rome
  • HIST 311 Women in the Ancient World
  • PLRL 205 Classical Religion and Philosophy