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Art and Archeology Major with Studio Art Concentration, B.A.

The studio art concentration provides academic preparation for students planning to pursue professional careers in the visual arts, teaching, community art programs, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. The study of studio art is important for students interested in art therapy. Students planning careers in art therapy should take a minimum of 15 credits in studio art and 15 credits in psychology in preparation for graduate school. Students will gain broad-based knowledge and skills in design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and ceramic art. A major in studio arts will provide educational opportunities to develop an understanding of movements and concepts in art, the ability to analyze formal design issues and apply accurate terminology to that analysis, the ability to express personal visual aesthetics inherent in a body of work, the ability to communicate their aesthetic intentions verbally and in written form, and the skills to create a body of work and present an exhibition to the public. The studio art concentration provides educational opportunities that both strengthen the analytical and creative thinking skills needed for diverse careers and give students experience in personal aesthetic expression.

Requirements for the Major

The art and archaeology major with studio art concentration requires a minimum of 34 credits in art. Students may take a maximum of 60 art (ART) and studio art (ARTS) credits including 100-level courses.

The following are required:

  • ARTS 101 Design
  • ARTS 123 Drawing I
  • ART 220 History of Art I
  • ART 221 History of Art II
  • ART 361 20th Century Art
  • ARTS 470 Seminar in Studio Art

In addition, students are required to complete:

9 credits in one medium, including two 300-level courses, from the following selection of studio art courses:

  • ARTS 203 Ceramics I
  • ARTS 211 Digital Photography or ARTS 214 Darkroom Photography
  • ARTS 224 Drawing II
  • ARTS 234 Relief Printmaking I
  • ARTS 235 Monotype Printmaking I
  • ARTS 237 Painting I
  • ARTS 303 Ceramic Wheel
  • ARTS 304 Ceramics: Sculpture/Handbuilding
  • ARTS 311 Photography II
  • ARTS 312 Photography III
  • ARTS 314 Relief Printmaking II
  • ARTS 315 Monotype Printmaking II
  • ARTS 316 Selected Topics in Studio Art
  • ARTS 324 Drawing III
  • ARTS 334 Advanced Printmaking
  • ARTS 338 Painting II
  • ARTS 339 Painting III
  • ARTS 343 Intermediate Wheel
  • ARTS 344 Drawing IV
  • ARTS 345 Ceramic Sculpture
  • ARTS 375 Independent Study

One additional studio course (ARTS) outside the focus area

One additional course in art history (ART) at the 300 level or above, except ART 300, 335, 370 and 399.