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Computer Science Major, B.S.

The major in computer science is intended to prepare students for employment in a computer-intensive field, or for graduate study in computer science. All students in this program must meet the following degree requirements:

Mathematics, Statistics, Quantitative Analysis:
  • MATH 112 Applied Statistics
  • MATH 201 Calculus I
  • MATH 202 Calculus II
  • MATH 207 Discrete Mathematics
Written Communication:
  • CAEN 306 Writing for Business and Management
Requirements for the Major

All candidates for the degree must earn at least 44 and no more than 72 credits in computer science courses and must complete a total of 124 credits (including transfer courses accepted by Hood). The final 30 credits must be taken as a degree candidate at Hood.

  • CS 284 Computer Science I
  • CS 287 Computer Science II
  • CS 326 Computer Organization and Design
  • CS 419 Advanced Data Structures
  • CS 420 Algorithm Analysis
  • CS 424 Principles of Software Engineering
  • CSIT 430 Applied Database Concepts
  • CS 464 Operating Systems
  • CS 471 Programming Languages: Their Design and Compilation
  • CS 475 Senior Project
  • INST 302 The Impact of Computers on Society
Computer Science Electives (9 credits)

The major requires 9 credits of 300-level or above computer science elective courses, of which no more than 3 credits may be an internship or assistantship. Selected mathematics courses may be included with permission of the academic adviser. Students who intend to pursue graduate study in computer science are encouraged to take MATH 339 Linear Algebra.