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English Major, B.A.

The English department offers a variety of courses designed to expose the student to a wide range of literary texts and critical approaches. In English classes, students read, analyze and write about literature from a number of historical periods. The faculty provides the personal attention that enables each student to learn to write well, to think critically and thus to acquire the skills necessary for success in any profession. We believe that such study enhances the love and appreciation of literature, exercises the imagination and frees the mind from credulity and conformity.

Requirements for the Major

English majors must take a minimum of 30 credits in English at or above the 200 level, 15 credits of which must be 300 level or above (excluding independent study and internships) and no more than 60 credits, including 100-level courses.

Six credits in English, exclusive of independent study and internships, must be taken during the senior year. Transfer students must complete at least 12 credits in English at Hood.

Of the 30 minimum credits, 27 must be in literature and include the following requirements:

  • ENGL 222 British Literature through the 18th Century
  • ENGL 223 American Literature
  • 3 credits in a thematic course (250-269)
  • 3 credits in a course involving a particular genre (270-289)
  • 3 credits in a course dealing with significant writers (313, 318, 340-359, 414, 441 or HON 308)
  • 3 credits in ENGL 470 Seminar

Note: A student may use a particular course to meet more than one of these specific requirements. 

HON 308 Dante and Giotto; HON 315 Literature of Moral Reflection; and HON 317 The Jocular Vein: Comic Impulses and Instigations in Renaissance Culture may count as electives in the 30-credit minimum required for the English major.

English Secondary Education Certification

English majors may obtain certification to teach English at the secondary level in Maryland, with reciprocity for teaching in certain other states. Students may obtain certification by completing the following requirements, comprising 36 credits at the 200 level or above.

  • ENGL 221 World Literature
  • ENGL 222 British Literature through the 18th Century
  • ENGL 223 American Literature
  • ENGL 313 Shakespeare
  • ENGL 405 The English Language
  • ENGL 410 Literature for Adolescents
  • ENGL 470 Seminar
  • 3 credits in a thematic course (250-269)
  • 3 credits in a genre course (270-289)
  • CAEN 202 Intermediate Expository Writing
One of the following two courses:
  • CMA 207 Principles of Speech Communication
  • THEA 101 Elements of Acting
3 credits of a literature of diversity course from among the following (or equivalent approved for content by the Chair of the English Department and the secondary education program coordinator):
  • AFEN 265 African-American Voices Before the 20th Century
  • AFEN 266 The Harlem Renaissance and Beyond: 20th Century African- American Literature
  • ENGL 280 20th Century Ethnic Narratives: Writing Ourselves into America
  • ENGL 346 Erdrich, Silko, Alexie
  • ENGL 361 Primal Literature
  • ENHN 463 International Currents in Modern Fiction

Students also must meet the requirements specified by the education department.