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Law and Society Major, B.A.

Coordinator: Janis Judson

The law and society major integrates course work from sociology, political science and philosophy. It helps students understand, from a variety of perspectives, how an individual’s life is influenced by laws and how social institutions are created and regulated by law.

This program gives students a liberal arts education while preparing them for law-related careers in such areas as court services, corrections, advocacy groups, law enforcement, civil rights organizations, regulatory agencies and women’s rights groups, as well as state, local and federal government. Majors may also enter law school or related graduate programs in areas such as justice studies, criminology and public policy.

An internship, usually during the junior or senior year, is recommended strongly. Recent internship sites include congressional offices, affirmative action programs, juvenile courts, judges’ offices, law firms, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, prisons, consumer action agencies, city and state legislative offices and women’s advocacy organizations.

Requirements for the Major 

The major in law and society requires 30 credits, including the following:
  • LWPS 230 Introduction to Law
  • LWSC 470 Seminar in Law and Society
  • PHIL 207 Logic
  • PSCI 205 Methods of Political Inquiry or SOC 260 Methods of Social Research
  • PSCI 307 American Constitutional Law
  • PSCI 333 Modern Political Thought or PSCI 337 Theories of Democracy
  • SOC 101 Principles of Sociology

Distribution Requirements: Students choose one course from each section: 

Law and Jurisprudence (3 credits)
  • AFPS 355 African-American Political Thought
  • HNPS 313 Great Political Trials
  • MGMT 454 Legal Environment of Business
  • PHIL 221 Ethics
  • PSCI 336 Gender and the Law
  • PSCI 405 Civil Liberties
  • PSCI 408 Regulatory Politics and Law
Law and the Social Order (3 credits)
  • ANTH 201 Introduction to Anthropology
  • HSPS 315 Politics of Assassination
  • PSCI 200 Terrorism and Justice
  • PSCI 317 Urban Politics
  • SOC 259 Sociological Theory
  • SOC 300 Social Inequality
  • SOC 323 Ethnicity in the United States
  • SOC 353 Deviance and Social Control