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Music Major with Music History and Literature Concentration, B.A.

The music history and literature concentration requires a minimum of 35 credits in music, with at least 15 credits at the 300 level or above. Transfer students must complete at least 12 credits of their major at Hood, including the independent study, the senior project and 6 other credits of music history or theory, as appropriate.

Requirements for the Major
  • MUSC 100 Fundamentals of Music
  • MUSC 101 Theory I
  • MUSC 102 Theory II
  • MUSC 201 Theory III
  • MUSC 202 Theory IV
  • MUSC 300 Monuments of Western Music or MUSC 299 Special Topics in Music
  • MUSC 302 World Music
  • MUSC 303 Music History and Literature I
  • MUSC 304 Music History and Literature II
  • MUSC 305 Music History and Literature III
  • Applied Music 4 credits of applied music in any area
  • MUSC 470 Senior Project: Music History and Literature or MUSC 499 Departmental Honors

Two semesters of music ensemble
Successful completion of a Piano Proficiency Exam or completion of 4 credits of piano (two of which must be earned at Hood).

Piano Proficiency Examination Requirements: Students will be expected to: (1) be able to play all major and minor scales, parallel motion, two octaves and primary chords in all keys, (2) play two pieces of early intermediate difficulty (e.g., a selection from the “Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook,” a quick movement from a classical sonatina, a selection from Schumann’s “Kinderszenen,” etc.) and (3) sight-read a chorale or easy piano piece. It is strongly recommended that this exam be taken no later than first semester of the junior year, so that there will be sufficient time left for any remedial piano that may be needed.