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African and Middle Eastern Studies

(15 credits) 

The minor in African and Middle Eastern Studies offers the opportunity to put together an interdisciplinary program that surveys Africa and the Middle East. The minor is offered jointly by the departments of history, political science, religion and philosophy, and economics and management. The program offers students a basic understanding of the traditional cultures and an introduction to the contemporary situation.

Requirements for the Minor (9 credits):
  • HIST 246 Introduction to Africa
  • HIST 316 The Middle East in Modern Times
  • ITLS 300 Cultures of the Middle East
Two of the following (6 credits):
  • ECON 324 International Trade
  • PSCI 323 Politics of the Developing World
  • AFPS 350 African Politics
  • HNPS 354 African Political Autobiography
  • REL 303 Judaism
  • REL 304 Islam