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Medieval Studies Minor

(15 credits) 

Coordinator: Emilie Amt

The medieval studies minor examines the history, literature, religion and art of the Middle Ages. By exploring medieval Europe from the vantage point of several disciplines, students gain an understanding of the period’s richness and depth. The minor is offered by the departments of art, english, history, and religion and philosophy.

Students minoring in medieval studies are reminded of the College requirement that a minor must include 12 credits outside the student’s major.

Requirements for the Minor:

The minor consists of at least five courses, distributed as indicated.

Required (3 credits):
  • HIST 202 Medieval Europe
Two of the following (6 credits):
  • ARHS 301 Age of Cathedrals
  • ART 308 Myths, Saints, and Symbols
  • ART 351 Medieval Art
  • ART 375 Independent Study*
  • ART 470 Seminar: Topics in Art History*
  • ENGL 256 Medieval Allegory
  • ENGL 279 Medieval Drama
  • ENGL 300 Really Old English: Anglo-Saxon Language, Literature and Culture
  • ENGL 318 Chaucer
  • ENHN 350 Medieval Menace
  • ENGL 375 Independent Study in Literature*
  • ENGL 405 The English Language
  • GER 207 Cultural Perspectives on German Literature I*
  • HON 308 Dante and Giotto
  • LAT 208 Latin Literature II: Medieval
Two of the following (6 credits):
  • HIST 300 From Celts to Vikings, 400-1000
  • HIST 309 Islam and the Crusades
  • HIST 313 Medieval England
  • HIST 375 Independent Study in History*
  • HIST 412 Women in Medieval Europe
  • HIST 470 Research Seminar in History*
  • PSCI 332 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
  • REL 375 Independent Study in Religion*

* Courses require prior written permission of the coordinator. 

With permission, other courses on medieval topics may count toward the minor.

A departmental honors paper in one of the above disciplines may also be used as one of the courses required for the minor, with the prior written permission of the coordinator.