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Economics and Management

Associate Professors: Joseph Dahms, Anita Jose (M.B.A. director), Sang Kim (chair)

Assistant Professors: Yong-Kyun Bae, David Gurzick, Jerrold Van Winter

The Department of Economics and Management offers two bachelor of arts degrees, economics and management, plus the master of business administration.

The department offers courses and programs of study that are concerned with people in various social and organizational contexts.

Majors in economics and management have pursued graduate study in economics and management and have entered careers in business, and social and governmental agencies. While there are required courses in both undergraduate B.A. majors, there is flexibility in selecting elective courses. Students select concentrations of courses that focus on specific education and career interests, and may even pursue a double major when it serves their career needs.

The graduate program in business administration is designed to increase career mobility and to improve management skills for those in, or seeking to enter, management positions.

The economics and management faculty represent a variety of backgrounds including economic theory, economic development, environmental economics, international economics, econometrics, finance, accounting, public administration, marketing, international business, personnel, organization theory and strategic management.

Programs Offered:

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Economics Major (B.A.)
  • Management Major (B.A.)
  • Business Administration Minor
  • Economics Minor
  • Management Minor