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Physical Education

Assistant Professor: Paul Soong (chair)

At a time when the nation is witnessing an obesity epidemic and has an aging population at risk for falls, and the population enjoys watching sports more than playing sports, health science and sport science bring together individuals with backgrounds in physiology and wellness and health education to work on these and many other important public health problems.

The Department of Physical Education offers course work directed at increasing student awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity and at gaining the skills and understanding basic to a lifetime of wellness. Students have the opportunity to complete lecture classes focusing upon sports science and health education, as well as activity classes focusing upon physical fitness, creative expression, risk-taking and sports skills.

Facilities: The College’s sports facilities include two swimming pools, two tennis courts, a softball diamond, two playing fields, a one-mile exercise course and Gambrill Gymnasium. Included in Gambrill Gymnasium is a dance studio, gymnasium floor, aerobics room and weight room. The fitness facilities offer treadmills, stair machines and exercise bicycles, as well as weight machines and free weight equipment.

Physical Education Programs

The basic instruction program in the Department of Physical Education (PE 100-199) is designed to encourage students’ personal growth and understanding of the importance of physical activity in their lives. Students have the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their quality of life and establish lifestyles that promote wellness. Courses are directed at physical fitness, creative expression, risk-taking and sports skills acquisition.

The Core Curriculum requirement may be met by completing 2 credits of physical education 100-199 activity classes, or by completing one of the following courses: PE 225 Health Maintenance: Stress Assessment and Control, PE 226 Health Maintenance: Physical Fitness, PE 227 Women's Health Issues, PE 228 Life Wellness and Health or PE 250 Introduction to Exercise Physiology. Students who meet the requirement through the activity class program must complete at least one activity class from the aerobic conditioning and fitness category. Students who participate in two seasons of intercollegiate sports may be waived from a maximum of one credit of the physical education activity requirement. No credit is earned for the waiver and does not exempt the student from the aerobic conditioning and fitness PE requirement.

Classes taken to complete this requirement must be taken for a letter grade rather than satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit with the exception of PE 104 Swimming for Beginners. After completion of the requirement, students may elect additional classes on either a letter-grade or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

The physical education requirement should be completed during the first year.