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Certificate in Secondary Mathematics Education

Program Director: Betty Mayfield, Ph.D.;  (301) 696-3736 

Hood offers a 15-credit certificate as a professional development program for current middle and high school mathematics teachers already possessing state teacher certification. Students in this program take mathematics and education courses that address Maryland's Core Learning Goals in mathematics. For more information, contact the Department of Mathematics.

This program does not lead to initial teaching certification.

Requirements for the Certificate 

  • MATH 505 Discrete Mathematics

Two of the following sequences: 

  • MATH 501 Explorations in Geometry and EDUC 551 The Teaching of Geometry
  • MATH 502 Explorations in Algebra and EDUC 552 The Teaching of Algebra
  • MATH 500 Statistics and EDUC 595 The Teaching of Statistics and Probability

Exceptions to these requirements may be granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the student’s education and experience.

Other courses which may be substituted for individual students: 

  • EDUC 596 The Teaching of Mathematical Modeling
  • MATH 507 Graph Theory
  • MATH 509 Number Theory
  • MATH 546 Operations Research
  • MATH 599 Special Topics