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ARTS 532 Firing the Large Scale Single or Multi-Chambered Wood Kiln

Prerequisite: ARTS 531. (Second semester or summer term/2 credits/lab fee) 

A study in the history, theory, techniques and aesthetics of the long wood firing in a large single chamber or multi-chambered kiln. These wood fire kilns such as the single chambered Japanese anagama or European tube kilns, or the multi-chambered kiln such as the Chinese dragon kiln, Japanese noborigama or the hybrid kiln which is a combination of a large single chamber and noborigama chambers. In depth information covering all aspects of firing these large historic kilns, including practical experience at each stage of the process. Lectures and demonstrations will include characteristics of work for the wood kiln; decorating with slip and glazing techniques, loading and stacking procedures, wadding composition and placement on pots, tumble stacking and shelf setting, types of woods, the stoking of kiln chambers, analysis of stoking patterns, draft controls, the characteristics and manipulation of combustion cycles and firing theory. Analysis of the firing will occur during the unloading. Information on types of kilns and basic kiln construction, kiln maintenance, kiln furniture, heat measuring devices and safety issues will also be covered.