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Physics Minor

(28-29 credits) 

Coordinator: Allen Flora

The minor in physics offers a coherent introduction to the topics of physics. Selection of the physics minor should benefit the following:

  • Students currently majoring in one of the science fields who want to obtain a more complete understanding of the physical universe;
  • Students in mathematics who might wish to examine (in a more applied way) the concepts of their discipline; and
  • Students considering the dual degree program in engineering offered by Hood College and The George Washington University.

Master’s level programs in chemical physics and many engineering and physics graduate schools consider favorably the application of a student with a minor in physics and a major in a related discipline such as mathematics.

Requirements for the Minor:
  • MATH 201 Calculus I
  • MATH 202 Calculus II
  • MATH 203 Calculus III or MATH 304 Differential Equations
  • PHYS 203 Introductory Physics I*
  • PHYS 204 Introductory Physics II*

*PHYS 101 and PHYS 102 could be substituted although PHYS 203 and 204 are recommended. Permission of the coordinator is required for this substitution. 

Students also are required to take a second group of courses, which provide a more detailed look at the topics of physics (9 credits):
  • PHYS 222 Introduction to Modern Physics
  • PHYS 324 Mechanics
  • PHYS 325 Electricity and Magnetism