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Religion Minor

(15 credits) 

Coordinator: Karen Hoffman

The religion minor gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of religions and issues confronting religion in today’s world.

Requirements for the Minor (3 credits):
  • REL 200 What Is “Religion”? or REL 412 Myth, Symbol and Ritual
At least one of the following western religions (3 credits):
  • REL 203 Old Testament
  • REL 204 New Testament
  • REL 212 The Christian Heritage
  • REL 303 Judaism
  • REL 314 Western Spirituality: Contemporary Issues
At least one of the following world religions (3 credits):
  • REL 304 Islam
  • PLRL 301 Indian Thought
  • PLRL 306 Chinese Thought

Any two additional credits in religion, at least one of which must be at the 300 level or above.