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Renaissance Studies Minor

(15 credits) 

Coordinator: Mark Sandona

The Renaissance studies minor explores the history, literature, philosophy and art of Western Europe from the 14th through the 17th centuries. Students who are majoring in history, art, English or a foreign language will find that the Renaissance studies minor blends well with their interests.

Requirements for the Minor:

Select five of the following courses, with at least one course from each of the three groups.

Group I
  • HIST 203 Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIST 314 Tudor and Stuart Britain
  • HIST 406 Religion, Family and Society in Reformation Europe
  • HIST 470 Research Seminar in History*
Group II
  • ENGL 273 Renaissance Drama
  • ENGL 277 English Renaissance Poetry
  • ENGL 313 Shakespeare
  • ENGL 365 The Renaissance Amphibium
  • ENGL 414 Shakespeare on Film
  • ENGL 470 Seminar*
  • FREN 207 Cultural Perspectives on French Literature I
  • FREN 317 Parlez-moi d’amour: A Critical Look at Love in French Culture from 1100-1800
  • FREN 321 Masque et Illusion dans la France d’Ancien Régime
  • GER 207 Cultural Perspectives on German Literature I
  • SPAN 207 Cultural Perspectives on Spanish Literature I
  • SPAN 440 Heroes and Antiheroes: The Spanish Novel
Group III
  • ART 352 Northern Renaissance Art
  • ART 353 Early Renaissance Art
  • ART 357 High Renaissance and Mannerist Art
  • ART 358 Baroque Art
  • ART 470 Seminar: Topics in Art History*
  • HON 308 Dante and Giotto
  • HON 317 The Jocular Vein: Comic Impulses and Instigations in Renaissance Culture

* Courses require prior written approval of the coordinator.