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Studio Art Minor

(16 credits) 

Coordinator: Joyce Michaud

The minor in studio art exposes students to fundamentals of design, drawing and painting, and develops visual and creative thinking skills.

Fine art is about layers of meaning, about the visual message in relationship to us as people. Students are required to address hard questions and become more articulate visually. As the world moves toward a fast-paced, visual-based, computer-linked society, it is within studio art that rigorous academic studies and personal expression merge in a new understanding of life as an integrated whole. The cognitive skills developed during the creative process span the skills needed for a creative approach to life.

Requirements for the Minor (7 credits):
  • ARTS 101 Design I
  • ARTS 123 Drawing I
Three of the following (9 credits):
  • ARTS 203 Ceramics I
  • ARTS 211 Digital Photography or ARTS 214 Darkroom Photography
  • ARTS 224 Drawing II
  • ARTS 226 Digital Arts
  • ARTS 234 Relief Printmaking I
  • ARTS 235 Monotype Printmaking I
  • ARTS 237 Painting I
  • ARTS 303 Ceramic Wheel
  • ARTS 304 Ceramics: Sculpture/Handbuilding
  • ARTS 311 Photography II
  • ARTS 312 Photography III
  • ARTS 314 Relief Printmaking II
  • ARTS 315 Monotype Printmaking II
  • ARTS 322 Photojournalism
  • ARTS 324 Drawing III
  • ARTS 334 Advanced Printmaking
  • ARTS 338 Painting II
  • ARTS 339 Painting III
  • ARTS 343 Intermediate Wheel
  • ARTS 344 Drawing IV
  • ARTS 345 Ceramic Sculpture

Any 3-credit course offered through the artists-in-residence program or special topics in studio arts.