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Women's Studies Minor

(15 credits) 

Coordinator: Jolene Sanders 

The women’s studies program at Hood examines the experiences and status of women cross- culturally and historically. Gender categories do not exist in isolation, but intersect with race, ethnicity, nationality, class, sexuality, age and other social categories to shape identities and institutions. The program provides an analytical framework for students to examine gender across disciplines and in their own lives.

Requirement for the Minor (3 credits):
  • WMST 200 Method in Women’s Studies (or an alternate course with written permission of the coordinator)
12 additional credits from the following list, with no more than 6 credits within the same discipline (with the exception of WMST 299, WMST 375 and WMST 399):
  • AFAM 470 African-American Feminist Thought
  • ENGL 271 Studies in the 19th and 20th Century Novel: Portraits of Women
  • ENGL 278 The Woman in the Poem
  • ENGL 330 Modern Women Playwrights
  • FREN 313 Gender and Gaze in Modern French Literature and Film
  • FREN 320 Francophone Women Writers
  • HIST 210 Women in 20th Century America
  • HSPS 245 Global Perspectives on Women, Power and Politics
  • HIST 310 History of Women in the United States
  • HIST 311 Women in the Ancient World
  • HIST 406 Religion, Family and Society in Reformation Europe
  • HIST 412 Women in Medieval Europe
  • HON 301 Images of Women
  • HNWS 312 Re-visioning Motherhood in Modern Western Culture
  • PE 227 Women's Health Issues
  • PLWS 203 Philosophical Issues in Feminism
  • PSCI 202 Women and Politics
  • PSCI 336 Gender and the Law
  • PSY 206 Psychology of Women
  • SOC 308 Sociology of Sexuality
  • SOC 310E Topics in Sociology: Masculinities
  • SOC 311 Sociology of Gender
  • WMST 299 Special Topics
  • WMST 375 Independent Study
  • WMST 399 Internship