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ARTS 470 Senior Seminar

Prerequisites: ARTS 469 or permission of the instructor. (Second semester/3 credits/lab fee/4 class and studio hours) 

A capstone experience in each student's program of study, the main object of this course is to provide the student with the opportunity to produce a finished portfolio of exhibition quality work. Emphasis is placed on independent production and class presentation. The class will operate as a supportive workshop for ideas, discussions, and critiques of on-going work inclusive of the many studio media. In order to facilitate and inform the on-going discussions of historical, theoretical, critical, and practical problems in the production of artwork, students are expected to read articles from current periodicals, as assigned. Students will also be expected to keep a critical journal consisting of responses to and consideration of student work, critiques, screenings, readings, and discussions. Information on the business aspects relevant to financial survival will also be addressed. Students will be required to exhibit artwork completed in this course in a professional exhibition in the college gallery and participate fully in all aspects of preparation of PR materials, exhibition design, and installation of the exhibition. Students are also required to attend the reception and give a brief gallery talk about their artwork, uninstall and remove their artwork at the close of the exhibition and assist in the return of the gallery to pre-exhibition conditions.