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ARHS 334 Film and Society: New Wave European Cinema

Prerequisite: ART 275 or CMA 280 or CMA 281, or permission of the instructor. (First semester— odd years/3 credits) 

This class surveys the “New Wave” cinemas—Italian Neorealism, the French New Wave, Czech New Wave, New German Cinema and British New Wave—that emerged in post- World War II Europe (1945-1980) as alternatives to Hollywood cinema. The chief focus will be to analyze and describe how individual films function both as works of art and as historical documents within specific cultural and political contexts. The course will study each cinematic movement in relation to the following themes and topics: film authorship, the relationship between Hollywood and European cinema, national identity vis-à-vis cinema, urban space and the changing postwar European landscape, and the role of film in the rewriting of European history.