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HON 317 The Jocular Vein: Comic Impulses and Instigations in Renaissance Culture (CORE—Western Civilization)

Prerequisite: Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors in the Honors Program, or declared art or English majors, or permission of instructors. (Offered as needed/3 credits) 

A survey and assessment of the comic themes and forms of the Renaissance, including: comedic performance, the carnivalesque, parody of courtly behavior, the grotesque, mock- heroic, trompe l’oeil, the refashioning of myth and erotic slapstick. Artists and authors may include: Aretino, Ariosto, Boccaccio, Bosch, Botticelli, Brueghel, Erasmus, Giotto, Lippi, Machiavelli, Mantegna, Marlowe, Michelangelo, Piero di Cosimo, Rabelais, Shakespeare, Tintoretto, Titian.