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Computer Science Major, B.S.

The major in computer science is intended to prepare students for employment in a computer-intensive field, or for graduate study in computer science. All students in this program must meet the following degree requirements:

Mathematics, Statistics, Quantitative Analysis and Science (30 credits:
  • MATH 112 Applied Statistics
  • MATH 201 Calculus I
  • MATH 202 Calculus II
  • MATH 207 Discrete Mathematics
  • Additional courses in science and mathematics for a total of 30 credits in science and mathematics.
Requirements for the Major

All candidates for the degree must earn at least 44 credits in computer science courses and must complete a total of 124 credits (including transfer courses accepted by Hood). The final 30 credits must be taken as a degree candidate at Hood.

  • CS 284 Computer Science I
  • CS 287 Computer Science II
  • CS 326 Computer Organization and Design
  • CS 419 Advanced Data Structures
  • CS 420 Algorithm Analysis
  • CS 424 Principles of Software Engineering
  • CSIT 430 Applied Database Concepts
  • CS 464 Operating Systems
  • CS 471 Programming Languages: Their Design and Compilation
  • CS 474 Capstone Proseminar
  • CS 475 Senior Project
  • INST 302 The Impact of Computers on Society
Computer Science Electives (9 credits)

The major requires 9 credits of 300-level or above computer science elective courses, of which no more than 3 credits may be an internship or assistantship.