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ENV 512 Insect Ecology

Prerequisites: ENV 501, ENV 502 and ENV 503 or permission of instructor. (Second semester—even years/3 credits) This course is available as an elective for the GIS-ENV Certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor that this course will count toward the GIS-ENV Certificate by the drop/add deadline each semester, so that GIS-focused assessments can be completed. Once a student declares the GIS option, the course cannot revert to the non-GIS version.

This course will introduce graduate students to advanced topics in insect ecology. Students will review both foundational and current research in peer-reviewed journals on insect interactions and behavior. A broad overview of the major insect orders and their development will be covered. We will also explore distribution patterns, diversity, insect-plant co-evolution, and common interactions in insect communities as they relate to each other and other organisms.