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ENV 577 Climate Change

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in or successful completion of all ENV core courses, ENV 501, ENV 502, ENV 503, ENV 505, ENV 507 and at least one 1-credit ENV course, or permission of the instructor. This course is available as an elective for the GIS-ENV Certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor that this course will count toward the GIS-ENV Certificate by the drop/add deadline each semester, so that GIS-focused assessments can be completed. Once a student declares the GIS option, the course cannot revert to the non-GIS version. (Second semester—odd years/3 credits) 

This course is designed to integrate several core areas in the field of environmental biology and apply them to current issues in global climate change. Students will apply principles of adaptation, ecology, pollution biology, statistics, and resource management to current developments in the field. Core topics include a focus on recent climate-change data, vulnerability, adaptation, mitigation, and methodological approaches. **This course can count toward the ENV GIS Certificate Program if so requested by the drop/add deadline.