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HUM 550 Directed Readings

Prerequisites: Completion of at least 12 credits in the Humanities program, including either HUM 501 or HUM 502, and permission of both the instructor and the program director. (3 credits) 

An individual reading course designed for students who have developed special fields of interest that cannot be satisfied by regular course offerings. The topics of these courses depend on the student’s areas of interest and the willingness of a faculty member to administer the course. Students wishing to take a directed reading course should have a clear topic in mind before approaching an instructor, who will help the student plan an appropriate reading program. Proposals for directed reading courses must be approved by the program director and the dean of the Graduate School. Proposals should include a description of the course, the student’s goals for taking the course, the reading list and the required assignments. Admission by permission of the instructor and program director.