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CSIT 534 Network and Internet Security

Prerequisite: A minimum grade of B- in CSIT 555 or permission of the instructor. (Second semester/3 credits)

This course provides a detailed examination of the pervasive security threats that are related to the Internet, data communications and networking. Network security deals with real-time or near real-time capture of information and the systematic tracking of transmissions. The focus of the course is on network-borne threats, their detection, preventions and analysis (network forensics) and the integration of the tools and techniques employed in this effort. The course includes a major emphasis on network security. It covers additional topics including: authentication; email, IP, and web security; security threats; information, risk and security management techniques and practices; malicious software; and firewalls. Limited practical application of these principles is provided through several software applications. The purpose of the course is to provide the student with a general understanding of the security field and discipline, and some practical knowledge of the application of these practices.