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Graduate Studies

THE HOOD COLLEGE GRADUATE SCHOOL offers master’s, certificate, and certification programs designed to equip graduate students with the deep intellectual understanding and applied, real-world competencies needed for today’s competitive job market. .

Meaningful Master’s Programs to Advance Your Career

Hood’s graduate programs are designed for students who seek career advancement or career change. They offer excellent preparation both to students who intend to continue their studies at the doctoral or professional degree level and to students who plan to apply their new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

The Graduate School at Hood College offers master’s, certificate, and certification programs that reflect the job requirements of the region’s top employers.  All are specifically designed to equip you with both deep intellectual understanding and the applied, real-world competencies you need to increase your career marketability.

Learn while you work, thanks to classes conveniently scheduled in the evenings and on occasional weekends. Hood’s Graduate School programs further emphasize relevance by providing opportunities for you to incorporate course work into your work day. Conversely, you are encouraged to bring your professional experiences into the classroom for discussion and problem-solving. 

Excellent teaching is the key to an outstanding education. Hood’s faculty are selected for their knowledge of and experience in the discipline they teach and, equally important, their exceptional teaching skills.  Most are involved in independent research. Many are scientists, researchers, business leaders, educators and policy leaders from companies and organizations in the region. All are gifted at sharing their passion and proven expertise in a way that inspires, motivates and prepares students for success in the contemporary workplace.

 Small classes nd an emphasis on collaboration stimulate dynamic exchange of ideas and information. There are no large lecture halls at Hood.  Professors know you by name, not by number. Individual attention—even after you have graduated—is a hallmark of the Graduate School. 

 Internships, labs, and linkagesto business and industry enable you to gain practical experience and forge valuable connections beyond the classroom. The Graduate School has close ties to an exceptional network of world-class research and development, life science, biomedical, information technology, aerospace, engineering, and other cutting-edge industries and government institutions. Education programs put theory directly into practice in the area’s K-12 environment. 

The graduate program you want is at Hood.


Graduate Admission

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Academic Programs/Fields of Study

Master of Arts in Ceramic Arts

Master of Arts in Human Sciences

Master of Arts in Humanities

Master of Arts in Thanatology

Master of Business Administration



Human resource management

Information systems


Public management

Master of Fine Arts in Ceramic Arts

Master of Science in Biomedical Science

Biotechnology/molecular biology


Regulatory compliance

Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary education

Elementary school science and mathematics

Secondary education

Special education

Master of Science in Educational Leadership

Master of Science in Environmental Biology

Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of Science in Management of Information Technology

Master of Science in Mathematics Education

Master of Science in Reading Specialization

Certificate Programs

Certificate in Ceramic Arts

Certificate in Cybersecurity

Certificate in Gerontology

Certificate in Elementary Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Education

Certificate in Regulatory Compliance

Certificate in Secondary Mathematics Education

Certificate in Thanatology

Course Descriptions