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African-American Studies Minor

(20-22 credits)

Coordinator: Hoda Zaki

The African-American Studies program, an interdisciplinary minor, is designed to prepare students for graduate study in this and related areas. Firmly based in the liberal arts, the minor’s curriculum provides students with the opportunity to study in a systematic fashion the lives and contemporary experiences of African-American men and women. The program focuses primarily on African-Americans in the United States, but includes a series of courses on African culture, history and politics. The curriculum is structured to give students the opportunity to examine the interrelated dynamics of class, gender and race.

The minor requires that each student complete 14 credits in African-American history, literature, politics and religion, and choose the remaining 6-8 hours from a broad array of courses in cognate fields. At least two of the six courses selected must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Requirements for the Minor (14 credits):
  • 4 credits in African-American history (AFHS 257)
  • 4 credits in African-American literature (AFEN 266 or AFEN 265)
  • 3 credits in African-American or African politics or political thought (AFPS 240, PSRL 310, AFPS 350, AFPS 353 or AFPS 355)
  • 3 credits in African-American religion (AFRL 311 or PSRL 310)
Two of the following (6-8 credits):
  • AFAM 299 Special Topics in African-American Studies
  • AFAM 335 Teaching Assistantship in African-American Studies
  • AFAM 351 The African Diaspora
  • AFAM 399 Internship in African-American Studies
  • AFAM 470 African-American Feminist Thought
  • AFEN 265 African-American Voices Before the Twentieth Century
  • AFEN 266 The Harlem Renaissance and Beyond: Twentieth Century African- American Literature
  • AFHS 424 Race and Racism in the United States
  • AFPS 240 African-American Politics
  • AFPS 301 African-American Political Autobiography
  • AFPS 350 African Politics
  • AFPS 353 Contemporary African Political Thought
  • AFPS 355 African-American Political Thought
  • AFPY 270 African-American Psychological Perspectives
  • AFRL 311 Black Theology
  • ART 349 Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • FREN 320 Francophone Women Writers
  • HIST 246 Introduction to Africa
  • HIST 319 The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • PSCI 307 American Constitutional Law
  • PSRL 310 Politics of the Black Church
  • HNPS 354 African Political Autobiography
  • REL 304 Islam
  • SOC 300 Social Inequality
  • SOC 323 Ethnicity in the United States
  • SOWK 301 Social Policy and Human Service Programs