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Art History Minor

(16 credits)

Coordinator: Frederick N. Bohrer

Students majoring in one of the humanities—history, literature, foreign languages, philosophy or religion—will find that the art history minor complements and enhances their area of study. The minor is also worthwhile for students considering careers in arts administration, conservation, interior design and similar fields. The required courses offer both chronological breadth and the opportunity to study a period in depth.

Requirements for the Minor:
  • ART 220 History of Art I
  • ART 221 History of Art II
  • ART 350 Classical Art and Archaeology or ART 351 Medieval Art or ART 352 Northern Renaissance Art or ART 353 Early Renaissance Art or ART 357 High Renaissance and Mannerist Art 
  • ART 358 Baroque Art or ART 360 Nineteenth Century Art or ART 361 Twentieth Century Art