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EDUC 302 Differentiating Instruction in the Primary Classroom (K-3)

Prerequisites: EDUC 204, EDUC 223, EDUC 224 and EDUC 236 and passage of Praxis I or the equivalent. (Second semester/3 credits) 

This course focuses on differentiating instruction in primary classrooms (kindergarten-grade 3). Classrooms in the 21st century are more diverse than ever before. Teachers are responsible for meeting the needs of all students in their classrooms. This course provides an in-depth look at research-based principles and strategies for differentiating instruction and gives students opportunities to apply their understandings to specific populations including English language learners, students with special needs and gifted/talented students. This course is open to Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education/Special Education majors in Phase 1, Phase II or Phase III.